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Guest Registration Procedures

A few rules and regulations we would like to remind you of to make your visit to the Westport Marina carefree:

  • All moorage is by reservation only, except for Float 21, our Guest Dock.
  • For those staying a few nights, Float 21 is on a first come first serve basis. You do not need a reservation for one or two nights for this dock, however to avoid the non-registration and non-payment fee you must register immediately upon arrival at the Marina office, or at the payment kiosk at the boat launch.
  • Be sure to register immediately upon arrival. Those failing to register upon arrival will be charged an additional $25 fee. This is to ensure the berth you use is not assigned to another user.
  • A Guest Registration Envelope will be provided as proof of registration. If arrival is outside of office hours, registration envelopes and instructions are available at the Port’s office door, top of the dock on Float 6 and at the payment kiosk located at the boat launch parking.
  • Payment of moorage is in advance. A $25, per day charge is applied when not paid in advance.
  • Be prepared to provide contact information for the vessel owner/operator, including vessel document or WN number, name, mailing address, telephone, cell phone and emergency contact information.
  • You must stipulate the type of moorage you will need, daily, monthly or annual at the time of registration. There is no automatic roll-over or prorating moorage.
  • Transient moorage checkout is 12:00 NOON daily. Vessels remaining after checkout time may be charged an additional day's moorage unless otherwise authorized by Marina Manager.
  • Unhitched trailers must be moved to the trailer storage parking.
  • Boat launch is not included in the moorage prices. Avoid the $10.00 penalty fee by paying in advance.
  • Outside office hours you may register at the payment boxes located at the marina office, the top of the dock on Float 6, and the payment kiosk at the boat launch.
  • Minimum Monthly Rate for a 30’ Berth is $220.04
  • Most of our berths are 40’ = $293.38 including State Leasehold Tax.
  • Marina Berth lengths vary in size, a limited supply of 30’ berths
DAILY/MONTHLY MOORAGE RATES (Effective:  May 1, 2012)
Vessel LOA Daily Rate Monthly Rate – Calculated on Berth or Vessel Length Over All, whichever is greater
Up to 30’ $15.00 $6.50 per foot + 12.84% State Leasehold Tax
31’- 50’ $20.00
51’-60’ $25.00
61 feet and up $.50 per foot

Cancellation Policy - 24 Hour Notice.
Marina Berth Lengths 30’, 40’, 50, 60, 70’ 80’ 88’ 98’ 110’ 130’ 168’ and 350’
Minimum Monthly Rate is for 30’ Berth = $220.04 including State Leasehold Tax.
Most of our berths are 40’ = $293.38 including State Leasehold Tax.

ANNUAL MOORAGE RATES (Effective: April 1st, 2014)
Fees are based upon the vessel length over all (LOA) or berth length whichever is greater.
$34.34 per foot per year plus 12.84% Leasehold Tax
$25.59 per foot per year plus 12.84% Leasehold Tax (applicable to assigned moorage on landsides of floats 16 and 20)
  Daily Monthly
110 Volt, 20/30 Amp $4.00 $49.65
50 Amp, 1 Phase $19.00 $190.70
50 Amp, 3 Phase $22.00 $314.82
Applicable Leasehold Tax has been added. All fees are payable in advance.
ELECTRICITY - Non-metered slips, Annual moorage holders
Amperage Voltage Phase Yearly Monthly
20/30 120 1 $480.00 $45.14
30 208/240 1 $900.00 $84.63
50 208/240 1 $1,500.00 $141.05
50 208 3 $3,000.00 $282.10
Rates are based on average annual expenses, therefore the minimum period for electrical hookup is 12 months. Fees will be averaged over 12 months and billed for the month prior to service.  Prepayment must be received or electrical access will be denied. Applicable Leasehold Tax has been added.

3 Month Play and Stay Package

SOLD OUT for 2014 Season

  • $550 for three months moorage & boat launch pass. (Effective April 1st, 2013)
  • For vessels up to 30’ Maximum Length over all (LOA).
  • Avoid long launch lines and spend more time fishing.
  • Includes a one-year boat launch pass and Washington State Leasehold Tax.
  • This package deal is available once per year.
  • 90 consecutive days, and is non-refundable once boat is in the marina or past reservation.

Guest Monthly Moorage

If you are planning to stay longer then a week, consider transient Monthly Moorage.

  • Guest Moorage must be requested by the customer.
  • Fees are based upon the vessel length over all (LOA) or minimum 30’ berth length, whichever is greater.
  • Payment is due at time of Reservation.
  • Customers may choose monthly moorage at any point, no credit for daily moorage will be applied, nor will moorage be prorated.
  • Boat Launch fee $5.00 is additional.

Annual Moorage

Annual Moorage Agreements shall be for the 12-month period commencing on the first day when a Moorage Agreement and payment is received and a berth has been assigned by the Marina Manager.  Marina moorage rates are adjusted each year based on the Seattle Cost of Living Index on January 1, capped at 5% in any one year. Rates are rounded to the closest whole cent.

Discounts Available

If the entire annual moorage fee is paid in full on the first date of their agreement, or renewal, a cash discount of 5% will be allowed.

The fees described below are effective April 1st, 2014 and will be calculated by multiplying the berth length or vessel length over all ( LOA), whichever is greater, times the appropriate unit fee to produce the moorage fee.

  • $34.34 per foot per year plus 12.84% Leasehold Tax
  • $25.59 per foot per year plus 12.84% Leasehold Tax (applicable to assigned moorage on landsides of floats 16 and 20)

Boat Trailer Parking Fee

Payable in advance

  • $20.00 per month or
  • $5.00 per 7 day week

Boat Launch Fee

  • $5.00 Daily launch in and out
  • $50.00 Annual Launch

A calendar year pass eliminates the need to pay the daily launch fee each time a vessel is launched. Good from January 1 through December 31 the pass is available at the marina office. (No pro-ration, non-refundable). Avoid the $10.00 penalty fee by paying in advance.

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