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Our Environment

Crude is shipping by rail (CBR) all over the United States today, creating new jobs and private investment. While the Port of Grays Harbor is not a regulatory agency, the Port promotes a healthy estuary that supports our wildlife, as well as our economy. Here is a quick list of the facts concerning the opportunity and process.


The oil industry is one of the most regulated industries. State and federal laws and policies will govern construction, operations and shipping protocols. Foreign product will be governed by international trade policies.

Spill prevention & response:

Department of Ecology, US Coast Guard, state and federal laws all outline spill prevention and response requirements for companies handling crude. Washington has an exemplary record in preventing and managing spills.

Infrastructure expansion - addressing rail concerns:

With increasing cargo volumes comes increasing rail traffic. The Port is working with Puget Sound and Pacific Railroad to make improvements to the rail system to alleviate crossing congestion and improve bridges and safety. Increasing volumes will help to generate the revenues needed to make these improvements.

Proposed Crude Oil Facility

The Port of Grays Harbor, Washington's only deep water port on the Pacific Coast, is considering a project to develop a crude oil facility. The crude oil would arrive by rail, be transferred to storage facilities for ultimate loading aboard vessels and barges. The company is currently working with local, state and federal regulatory agencies to ensure that all safety and environmental protection measures be considered as they determine the feasibility and design of the facility.

In an effort to make sure the community understands the opportunity the project presents, as well as the process and decision making steps involved in citing the facility, the Port of Grays Harbor Commissioners have requested that this website include updated information on the project. In addition, public workshops, Commission meetings and public presentations will be held as the information becomes available.


Project Status

Westway Terminal Company, LLC

January 2014, self-initiated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for proposed project. Scoping period ended May 27, 2014. Draft EIS expected August 31, 2015, with public hearings held on October 1, 2015 in Elma and October 8, in Aberdeen. Final EIS released on September 30, 2016.

Click here for more information on Westway’s project.

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